We are dedicated to providing rigorous and quality evaluation, social research, and technical assistance services to our clients with a lens on inclusion, equity, and increasing diversity.

Our work includes designing measurement, evaluation, and organizational learning systems to meet your funder and stakeholder’s performance and reporting requirements and inform ongoing organizational learning and strategy. We utilize a collaborative, client-centered approach that provides objective, reliable, and accessible information that can be readily used by practitioners and decision-makers in government, philanthropy, and nonprofit organizations.

Strategic Frameworks

We collaborate with project teams to design logic models and theories of change to develop mission statements, identify goals and objectives, and short and longer-term outcomes.

Evaluation Workplans and Task Tracking

We design detailed evaluation plans with specific tasks, benchmarks, and timelines for program implementation, data collection, monitoring, and reporting. These tools are used to guide work in planning meetings.

Multiple Evaluation and Research Designs to Meet Your Needs

We have expertise in formative and summative evaluation studies, longitudinal research and tracking studies, quasi-experimental research studies, including individual and multi-stakeholder evaluations requiring early stage/exploratory research, design and develop research, or efficacy research. We often utilize survey research, case study, and landscape studies.

Reports and Presentations

Our team is highly skilled in statistical analysis using both descriptive and advanced statistical methods and data interpretation to portray your project’s outcomes and impact. We produce visualized and narrative data products, technical reports, and user-friendly evaluation products to portray your results to various audiences.

Organizational Learning and Capacity Building

We help organizations effectively interpret and utilize the data and products generated through our studies to measure the progress and impact of their work. A learning agenda and data debriefs are routinely embedded in our workplans.

Preparation of Institutional Review Board (IRB) Applications for Projects Requiring IRB Review

We have certifications in Human Participants Protection for Research Teams from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation and ensure compliance with human subjects research protocols in all of our work.

Individualized Technical Assistance

We also assist clients with specific needs such as instrument design, survey research, and support in carrying out in-house evaluation projects.